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Hi Wonderful dōTERRA Enthusiasts!

I’m Mandy Sommers – An experienced dōTERRA Leader  and Life Long Cheerleader!

My goal is to inspire others to find their dreams, build their dreams, and then live their dreams!

dōTERRA makes building your dreams so rewarding and totally doable!

 Do you find yourself wishing for more upline support?  You are in the right place!

I have been there!  I want to be your upline support!!! You don’t need to be on my team!

I coach any dōTERRA business builder, any team, anywhere on this beautiful globe!

I am thrilled to announce my next dōTERRA Upline Training Success Coaching Program that will create a Phenomenal change in the results you enjoy in your personal and dōTERRA life.

Jump off the sidelines and into the game at a level most IPC’s never experience. This program will help you to enjoy greater joy, passion, and fulfillment in all you do and help you hit that rank you are trying to hard to achieve before convention!!!

Get ready to transform your dōTERRA Success

              Reach your Rank for Convention!!  Next Course Starts July 8th!

During this 8 Week Training You will Learn:

  • dōTERRA Business Basics
  • Building Powerful Beliefs
  • The In’s and Outs of Compensation
  • Structure Secrets
  • Helpful Success Habits
  • 4 Must do’s to Successfully Build a thriving dōTERRA Business
  • Time Management Techniques
  • Strategic Marketing Tips

Join us from any State in the USA!  All calls will be recorded live and can be listened to live or later.  Assignments will be sent out via email.

When I first joined dōTERRA there wasn’t a seasoned business building upline I knew of within 500 miles!

I jumped right in and began learning all I could about how to create a successful dōTERRA business.  I had to get creative and be bold!  I want to share those secrets with you!!!

  • Do you need your dōTERRA Business thriving YESTERDAY???
  • Are you wishing for SPECIFIC direction on how to make thousands sharing these products that you love?
  • Do you ever scratch your head and think, “Man, I LOVE these oils!  Why can’t my passion be enough to get me to Silver, Gold or Diamond?? Somebody PLEASE HELP me!”

It can be hard to find a driven, successful dōTERRA leader who is able and willing to teach you the in’s and outs of how to build a successful dōTERRA business.

Let me help you maximize your potential dōTERRA Future!!!

Reach your Rank For Convention!!  Next Course Starts July 8th!

“Mandy’s dōTERRA Upline Training Success Coaching Program has been amazing in ways I did not expect.  I thought we would learn the secret formula to dōTERRA  success, but what I found was the secret formula to my own personal success.  Everyone these days wears many hats, for me it is mother, employee, spouse, taxi driver, volunteer and dōTERRA consultant and this challenge has brought success and personal growth into all facets of my life.  The most important thing I have learned from this challenge is to never stop challenging yourself and learning from others.  Thank you Mandy for challenging me, holding me accountable and giving me the tools to be successful.”  Nicole Styx

Only $197


With the dozens of people I have mentored, I have found 3 critical factors needed to succeed in building a strong doTERRA business. 

These 3 factors will propel your business to new ranks and help you transition smoothly into leadership roles.  I would be thrilled to train you in these techniques!

  • Confidence- confidence to lead, confidence to grow!
  • Understanding Structure – don’t waist another month hemming and haaing over who to enroll where!  This could save you years in rank advancements!
  • Closing Classes – Learn how to get people there, get them involved in the class, and best!!! Get them buying


“Mandy’s dōTERRA Upline Training Success Coaching Program has been really great and has helped me to develop many great personalhabits.  I love the weekly calls and sharing ideas and motivation.  Thanks Mandy!  ”
Robin Robinson

Take Real Steps towards Higher TERRA Leadership Ranks

If you are ready to boost your confidence, master the structure, and watch your team explode, I want to be your doTERRA stand in Upline coach and mentor and help propel you and your business to new levels of success!!!

3 Reasons You Need this dōTERRA Upline Training Success Coaching Program

Because everyday more Americans are turning to Natural Solutions for their health care!  Do miss the boat!

  • Because you can rocket ahead of your competitors and leave them in the dust. Make them wonder what it is that you know that they don’t.
  • Because I will provide you with a clear, easy, step-by-step process that anyone can follow and that’s easy to duplicate to your team!

    Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

    Engage with me in this amazing journey and learn how to effectively build a thriving successful dōTERRA Business!

Reach your Rank For Convention!!  Next Course Starts July 8th!

Mandy Sommers doTERRA Leader